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YouTube Ads Mastery By Adam Payne

YouTube Ads Mastery-Best YouTube Ads Training Course Online?

July 10, 2018
Vendor: Adam Pay
PRO: Very Detailed Training Designed For Marketers Of All Skill Levels
CON: None Really
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YouTube Ads Mastery by Adam Payne

YouTube Ads Mastery is a step by step over the shoulder YouTube Ads Training Course designed to teach you how to reach your target audience through the use of paid advertising on YouTube. Why should you care about cheap targeted traffic from YouTube? Here are a few quick facts about YouTube that should quickly grab your attention.

-Every Minute More Than 100 Hours Of Video Are Uploaded To YouTube
-YouTube Has Over 1 Billion Users, Almost one-third of all people on the internet
-YouTube Receives Over 5 Billion Daily Views

Not to mention when people are on YouTube they are already searching for something. Maybe it’s a method, tutorial, movie, song, or some good advice on a subject they not familiar with. The point is, people are in need of something and if you are able to put the solution in front of them, you can quickly capitalize on the opportunity!

Let’s face it, no matter your experience level we have all struggled at some people to get our website, video, product or service in front of the right people at the right time. Using YouTube is a great way to accomplish this task, especially since you can literally get views on your YouTube video for as little as one cent per view. Can you imagine being able to put your video on the first page of YouTube for popular terms like make money online or weight loss at a fraction of the cost that you would pay using Google’s Pay Per Click program?

Click The Image Below To Check Out YouTube Ads Mastery When It Launches on March 11 @10am EST

Adam Paynes YouTube Ads Mastery

What Am I Going To Get With YouTube Ads Mastery?

High Quality Over The Shoulder Training Videos on pretty much everything there is to know about YouTube Ads to include:

-How To Properly Setup YouTube Ads From Scratch

-How To Find Your Target Audience

-How To Write Copy For Scripts That CONVERT

-How To Re-target Potential Buyers

-So Much More

How Much Does YouTube Ads Mastery Cost?

YouTube Ads Mastery is will start at $47, but the price will continue to rise throughout the first three days of the launch. After day three the price of the course will be $97 so get in early before the price increase. There are no OTOs with this course.

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YouTube Ads Mastery Pros

This is an all around great course. The videos are in small enough chunks that they viewer can digest them without being overwhelmed. Adam covers everything you need to know so even a brand new person would feel comfortable following the training in this course.

YouTube Ads Mastery Cons

To be honest I really do not have any complaints about this course.

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Hope you enjoyed the YouTube Ads Mastery Review.

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