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Ultimate Video Ranking Course Review

July 10, 2018
Vendor: Gary Affron
PRO: Advanced YouTube Marketing Training You Won't Find Anywhere Else
CON: Can Be Difficult To Comprehend at Times

The Ultimate Video Ranking Course By Gary Affron

The Ultimate Video Ranking course was designed by a underground Video Marketer named Gary Affron. I have known Gary for a little over a year now and when it comes to ranking YouTube videos and dominating the first page, this guy is someone you definitely do not want to have to battle against in your chosen niche.the ultimate video ranking hammer course by gary affron

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You may not find his name on a JvZoo leader board, but trust me when I tell you this guy knows his stuff. Gary mostly works in evergreen niches because the return on investment is almost always better than chasing affiliate launches, but I have personally worked with him in the past on just a fraction of what you will learn from him in his new course. And this stuff works like a charm!

In fact, it works so well Gary has videos still ranking on the first page of Google from a couple of years ago for some of the most competitive local terms (as seen on the sales page). He recently showed me how he covered the first two pages of Google with videos to bump one of his clients negative reviews to the third page.

In this Ultimate Video Ranking Review I will try my best two give you an overview of his Ultimate Video Ranking Course. I say try because it is jammed packed with so much powerful information it will literally leave your head spinning.

I must be completely honest with you. This course is not designed for everyone. If you are brand new to video marketing, this course is NOT for you. If you have been doing this for a while and you are looking for a way to take your game to the next level, this is where you want to be.

What Is Ultimate Video Ranking Course?

The Ultimate Video ranking course is a series of detailed PDF guides that teaches you how to literally dominate the first page of Google with YouTube Videos by using the power of Google against it self. Have you ever heard the saying Google loves Google? If not, it’s true. Just think about, why do you think YouTube videos rank so well in the big G, well it’s most likely got to do with the fact that Google owns YouTube. I personally got a chance to check the course out for myself before writing this review.

Ultimate Video Ranking Course will make you question things you thought you knew about ranking videos. In this course Gary shows you how to setup simple and complex silo systems that turn your youtube videos in to powerful boulders that end up being hard to bump by the average user. Gary also does a deep dive into the power of RSS feeds and how you can fully utilize them to charge your video rankings.

How Much Does Ultimate Video Ranking Course Cost?

The course will start off at $67 and rise to $87 after the first three days of the launch.

Are There Any OTO’s For Ultimate Video Ranking Course?

Yes there are several OTOs, but I do not have all the information on all of them. I can tell you that OTO 1 includes:

  1. Over The Shoulder Video Walkthrough of the course
  2. Variant Master- Software designed to turn one YouTube video url into 472 variations and a bonus report on how to use it for Video SEO Power
  3. RPI Checker- Software tool that quickly provides you with a page authority check of any youtube video url
  4. Master Shorty– Bulk Google Url Shortener that can convert up to 1000 urls into Google Shortened urls on the fly. Can also create up to 250 Google Shortened variations from one url at a time.

What Don’t I Like About Ultimate Video Ranking Course?

Instead of giving you a completely bias review, I try to be fair and provide some pros and cons based on my personal experience. So if you ask me what I do not like about the course, I’d say the fact that the Front End is composed of PDFs, it can make it hard for some people to follow. This course is jammed packed with information and if you are not focused when you go through it, you will lose yourself at times.  Luckily there is always the option to upgrade to OTO1 and get the video walkthrough so you can have that to help as well.

One last thing to mention, it is not 100% required, but you will need a few paid tools to get the process setup done faster.

What Do I Really Like About The Ultimate Video Course?

I really like the fact that the stuff Gary teaches actually works, not only does it work, it works well and fast. I worked on getting a Mock example ready to show, but didn’t finish building it out yet. I will say the results I saw from setting up just one channel as Gary explains, I saw multiple first page rankings for several keywords I targeted, this was in a local niche. I can not help but continue thinking, what would those rankings look like had I continue building out the remaining parts of the process? Simply mind blowing I’d assume.

In my example I put of 10 videos on one channel and the videos are ranking for keywords in most cases where advertisers are paying Google to be there.

Ultimate Video Ranking Course Bonuses

If you decide to buy this course here you will get access to my overnight ranking case study where I show you exactly what I did in each step of the process. How I created my videos, how I edited them, I created multiple unique versions of the video, my keyword strategy and exactly how I plan to monetize it. I will provide you with basically everything you will need to know to execute this method. Having a real life example with real results is absolutely priceless.

Bonus # 2 will be having me as another source you can ask questions to ask you work your way through this process. Remember, not only did I set this up as recently as last night, I have worked with Gary on a small scale doing this before so I can definitely help.

To claim your bonuses, simply contact me using the contact form and send proof of purchase.

If you are new to Video Marketing and know this course is going to be too advanced for you, but you still want to learn how to rank videos,  feel free to check out my new course Tube Rank Explosion.

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