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Local Lead Beast Review And Bonuses

July 10, 2018
Vendor: Ray Lane
PRO: Very Easy To Use Tool That Includes Client Acquisition Strategies, DFY Videos, Graphics & Email Swipes
CON: Nothing Worth Putting Here
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Local Lead Beast by Ray Lane, Vick Carty and Dexter Paglinawan

Local Lead Beast is a simple to use software that provides offline marketers with an easy way to quickly find clients in their chosen niche. In this Local Lead Beast Review you will learn everything you need to know about it in order to decide whether or not it is right for you. Be sure to check out the bonuses before you leave!

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Local Lead Beast By Ray Lane

How Does Local Lead Beast Work?

Local Lead Beast is so easy, my 96 year old grandmother could use it. Seriously, all you have to do is type a local business niche and location into the search bar and instantly you get access to the contact information for any companies that offer that particular service. For example, if you were to type in the keywords “plumber in Washington, DC” you would be provided with the email address, website,  phone number and Facebook pages of any businesses in DC that are identified as a local plumber in the DC area.

After doing so, the intent would be for you to visit some of the sites, contact the owner and see if they would be interested in hiring you to do SEO, video marketing, or social media services. I know exactly what you must be thinking!

That sounds cool Lenny, but I do not know what to say to the company owner once I reach out, and how would I know what to charge? What if I don’t know SEO or how to create and rank videos? The course teaches you a strategy that includes what to say and what to charge! You can outsource the services anything and I am a video marketer that can teach you how to Rank! Problems solved!

If you were ever thinking about offering getting into local marketing, this tool makes it super simple. Check out my review and demo video below to see the tool in action.

How Much Does Local Lead Beast Cost?

The price for local lead best will range from $17 to $27. If you are thinking about purchasing it, you will save the most money by purchasing it earlier during the launch period.

What Are The Local Lead Best One Time Offers (OTOs)?

Local Lead Beast has 3 OTO’s, but to be honest I did not have access so I do not have much information about them. I can tell you the anticipated prices though and they go as follows.

OTO 1 ranges from $27 to $37

OTO 2 starts at around $49 per month

OTO 3 is $197

Local Lead Beast Pros

This is an online tool that can be accessed from anywhere has long as you have an internet connection. It comes with:

-20 Done For You Professional Local Marketing Videos (20 Different Niches)

-350 Professional Quality Graphics

-Email Swipes to Help You Get Clients

-Video Training That Includes How To Use The Tool And A Strategy On How To Recruit Clients

The tool itself is easy to use and can help you quickly identify potential clients that would love to hire you to generate leads for their business.

Local Lead Beast Cons

The training videos that come with Local Lead Beast provide you with a strategy and email swipes on that you can send to potential clients in order to start earning income very quickly. The only problem with it is, the email swipes are sort of tied to one or two niches and aren’t the best. However, no need to worry about this, if you decide to buy the course here you will get access to my local lead script that converts very well.

Local Lead Beast Bonuses

If you Buy Local Lead Beast here, you are going to get several exclusive bonuses.

  1. A Local Lead Generation Script that you can copy, paste and edit. This script has been proven to pull in clients day in and day out. It is well written and will get your foot in the door so you can quickly get your first deal going.
  2. A Local Video Script For Your YouTube Videos that will help your YouTube videos rank for MANY keywords in your niche. Simply drop this description into your YouTube Video description and edit it to make it relevant to your niche. I personally have use this template in many niches and seen great results.
  3. $5 Off Discount Code For My Video Ranking Course Called Tube Rank Explosion– This course was created by Adam Payne, Gary Alach and myself. It won product of the day on JV Zoo and members have nothing but positive things to say about it.

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