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10X Your Authority with EZ Live Stream Training

July 10, 2018
Vendor: Chris Gloss
PRO: Great Training with Easy To Digest Video Training- Get Setup Quickly!
CON: Requires Small Equipment Investment To Get Started
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EZ Live Stream Training Review

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing public speaker and internet marketing consultant Chris Gloss about his new training course called EZ Live Stream training.  Unless you have been under a rock for the last year or so you know streaming live on YouTube and Facebook is hotter than ever.  These two social media platforms allow you to quickly reach hundreds or thousands of people absolutely free, but all this free traffic is useless unless you know how to quickly grab the viewers attention and keep them engaged.

A simple way around this problem is utilizing the power of live streaming and green screen to completely transform your background and brand you as the AUTHORITY in your niche.

Quiz time, If I was doing a live stream on Facebook or running an Facebook Ad, which video would you be more likely to stop and take a listen to?

ez live strea

Now I could be completely wrong, but my gut tells me you would be more inclined to click the video with the Lenny’s Net Market logo in the background instead of the one with the plain gray background. I learned how to put my logo in the background of my videos while live streaming from taking Chris’s training course.

Check Out My EZ Live Stream Training Interview

Here is a little more information about what you can expect to get from the front end training.

  1. Basic Equipment Requirements
  2. Lighting Blueprint
  3. 100% Free Studio Software for Live Streaming On YouTube, Facebook or other platforms
  4. Studio Software Setup (Set it up once and your are completely done!)
  5. How to configure Facebook for live streaming
  6. How to go live in a Facebook group
  7. How to go live on a Facebook Fan Page
  8. How to mass syndicate your live stream across many Facebook Pages (BONUS)
  9. Where to find the BEST stock images for your backgrounds (BONUS)
  10. Super Cool Video Timers For Your Videos (BONUS)
  11. Members Only Membership Portal
  12. Members Only Facebook Support Group

What are the OTOs?

OTO 1 is the monthly template club for just $17.99. This comes with Done For You templates you can further use to enhance the quality of your videos

OTO 2 is Done for You Setup where Chris will literally get on a virtual call and help tell you exactly where all your equipment and everything else needs to go in order to get things perfect!

OTO 3 is on site Done for you setup where Chris and his team will come to your location and help you get setup personally.

I was able to twist Chris’s arm and get him to throw in a special bonus for anyone that decides to purchase EZ Live Stream training here today. Chris is designing custom done for you template at the same quality he offers in the monthly template club just for my Lenny’s Net Market followers.

Here is the kicker, EZ Live Stream Training goes on sale Friday June 9th 2017. During the first 5 days of the launch you can get it for $47, after the 5 day launch period the price will rise to $97. If you are even remotely interested in this product, I would recommend you pick it up as soon as it goes on sale so you do not miss out.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

You can use the links below to check out the training and the upsells

Get EZ Live Stream Training Here

Monthly Template Club

Done For You Special

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