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Board Commander Suite Review and Bonus-Does It Really Work?

July 10, 2018
Vendor: Stefan Ciancio and Brett Rutecky
PRO: Proven Cloud Based Software w/ Easy To Understand Training
CON: User May Not Care For The Traffic Source
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Board Commander Review By Stefan Ciancio, Mike Thomas aka Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky
Launches 23 April at 10 EST (4 Day Launch)

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Board Commander Review- What Is It?

Board Commander is a two in one software tool and high quality training course that will teach you exactly how to get free targeted traffic, leads and sales on autopilot using a completely untapped social media traffic source also known as Pinterest. The product creator shows you step by step how they drive over 12k visitors each day wherever they want 100% free. The Board Commander Software goes hand in hand with the training that allows you to tap into the secret sauce of Pinterest.

Is Board Commander Good For Me Even If I Know Nothing About Pinterest?

Yes, but you do need to know a little about Pinterest. Download my FREE Pinterest Tutorial that will teach you all about it and how to drive free traffic even if you do not buy this tool.

How Much Does Board Commander Cost?

The front end price for board commander is anticipated to start off at $37 and gradually rise in $10 increments over the 4 days of the launch.

Does Board Commander Suite Have Any One Time Offers (OTOs)?

Yes, Board Commander comes with 3 OTOs. A summary of each OTO can be found below.

OTO 1 ($67) is Unlimited Board Commander Accounts– When you purchase the Front End for $37, it only allows you to use the software with one account however if you decide to upgrade and pickup this offer you will have the ability to use the tool with an unlimited number of accounts. The thought process goes a little something like this. If you were able to generate let’s say 13K visitors per month with one Pinterest account, just imagine what you could do if you repeated the same process with another 5-10 accounts!
In addition to unlimited account usage, buying OTO1 also provides you with FULL Developer Rights.

Board Commander OTO 2 ($97) 100% Reseller Rights For The Software– This option provides you with a chance to basically become an instant product creator. Let’s be honest for a second, most people are not willing to put in the time, money or effort involved to create and maintain a quality piece of software. OTO2 gives you the ability to sell the Board Commander tool as your own product and keep all the profits to yourself. The best part about it is, you will never have to worry about keeping it updated or maintained because the product creators are going to provide lifetime support.

OTO 3 ($37) The Board Commander Graphics Suite– OTO3 features a high quality graphics editor that you can use to find, edit and produce stunning images that are ideal for posting to your Pinterest Boards. All the images are built right into the platform making and it is very easy to use. If you are currently paying a designer or virtual assistant to create your images, this OTO a no brainer.

What Will You Like About Board Commander?

Board Commander is a very straight forward and easy to use software that automates the flow of non stop targeted traffic to your money sites. It does not take long to setup, and you can start seeing results in a matter of days. The tool comes with video instructions and a complementary training on how to monetize the traffic. For the price and the value, the Board Commander Suite is a great deal.

What Will You Not Like About Board Commander?

To be honest I did not have a lot of negative things to say about the outside the fact that not everyone is into Pinterest. In addition, while it is advertised this tool and training will work in any niche. I would imagine there are going to be some niches that just not perform well even if you follow the instructions properly. For example, if you were trying to promote a product about Toe Nail Fungus, I seriously doubt this is something people are going to be proud to share and repin.

Is Board Commander Newbie Friendly?

Yes, if you know how to setup a Pinterest account and you can follow basic directions, implementing the training should not be a challenge for you.

Why Should I Buy Board Commander?

Board Commander is specially designed for marketers of all skill levels, but if you ask me why you should buy it, I would tell you because it teaches you how to drive an ULIMITED about of FREE Traffic where ever you want. Did I mention the Traffic was FREE?
If you are currently paying for traffic or just not getting any at all, this is a perfect way to either cut some expenses or start making some profits. Secondly, buying the OTO 2 gives you a chance to resell this product as your own and keep all that profits. You could literally use the training to drive traffic to your sales page to resell the software. How cool is that?

Board Commander Main Features

  • Cloud Based- This means you can access the tool from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. You do not need to download any clunky software that will take up more space or your hard drive.
  • Automated Tool- Once you setup the parameters, Board Commander is going to run for you non stop. It is completely automated. It is like having a team of Pinterest virtual assistants working for you all at once.
  • Monetization Training- What good would the tool be if you didn’t know how you can use it to turn all that free traffic in to leads and sales? The tool comes with the training that helps bring everything all together for you.
  • User Friendly- Board Commander is designed to be very easy to use and operate meaning users of all skills levels will be able to get it up and running in no time.
  • Real Case Studies- The course comes with proven case studies from real people just like you and me. This course is 100% backed by proof from many trusted marketers, but just to make the deal even better they included a 14 day money back guarantee.

Board Commander Demo (Coming Soon)

Additional Ways To Make Money Online With Board Commander?

  • Setup a Pinterest Traffic Network and Sell Traffic To Customers
  • Setup a Pinterest Network and Sell the network with the tool as an upsell
  • Dominate Affiliate Launches With The Free Traffic From Pinterest
  • Drive All The Traffic To A Landing Page and Collect Leads

Board Commander Bonuses

Download Your FREE Pinterest Tutorial Training Guide

First off, I hope you enjoyed my Board Commander review. Now check out the Board Commander bonuses you will get when you buy it here.

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