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4 deadly marketing mistakes

4 Deadly Marketing Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Business

July 10, 2018

Are You Making These Deadly Marketing Mistakes?

Based on my experience. Deadly marketing mistakes can literally destroy your motivation, time, money, energy, and everything else!

My goal here today is to share these marketing mistakes with you so you can either

A: Stop making them

B: Avoid them like the plague

Let’s get started!

Marketing Mistake #1-Trying To Do EVERYTHING By YOURSELF

marketing jack of all tradesNo one that is truly successful got there 100% by themselves and if you are trying to be the first, you’re more likely to end up in the one hit wonder hall of fame.

Look I get it, you may not have a lot of money or time, but that’s exactly why you need to use what you have very wisely.

If you are attempting to create your own articles, do your own SEO, write sales copy, launch products, promote other peoples products, get traffic, etc etc, you will literally run yourself into the ground due to exhaustion.

There is nothing wrong with being self sufficient, but where do you draw the line?

It is literally impossible to be great at everything and in this day and age you really don’t have to be.

Stop spending long hours in front of the computer trying to be a Jack of All Trades.

Instead, focus your energy in the areas that are going to help your business grow and increase profits.

Marketing Mistake #2- Following The Wrong Crowd

internet marketing sheepThere’s always that loud mouth guru hosting a FB live or taking up all the breathing room in your most favorite online forum.

Sure they have a lot of respect in the eyes of the community, but they really don’t practice what they preach.

They are quick to tell you about the latest way to make money online, but aren’t currently making any themselves.

They offer no value to their customers and the only reason they are still thriving is because you blindly trust them without verifying their claims for yourself.

Don’t be a sheep! If the person or training you have been following is NOT helping you, find a proven program that will and most importantly, STICK to it.

Marketing Mistake #3- Losing Self Control

lack of marketing self controlHaving self control and discipline is vital for all marketers no matter your level of experience.

Once you lose yourself control, you can expect a lot of consequences to come with it.

In the network marketing space, those consequences are usually time, money, stress and relationship issues.

Lack of self control quickly leads to extreme cases of shiny object syndrome and trust me when I tell you it’s the last thing you want.

Marketing Mistake #4- Having The “I’ll Just Make It Back Mentally”

We are all guilty of it at times, or at least I use to tell myself that to justify my purchases.

There is nothing wrong with being optimistic, but counting your chickens before they hatch is simply just a bad a idea.

Self conversations in the bathroom mirror that go like this:

“Yea I will go ahead and purchase this $497 membership course because I know I will be making at LEAST 20K a month soon”

Or how about “I talked to a guy last week that said he was going to sign up for a 5K coaching program through my affiliate link so I will just put the money back in my savings after I get paid”

Needless to say these things, NEVER go as planned. The moral of the story is, if you don’t have it, don’t spend it in advance.

As marketers, we all make mistakes and that is certainly unavoidable, but hopefully if you are reading this article you can at least avoid the 4 deadly marketing mistakes mentioned above.

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